Can't Change Navigation from Restricted to Free

Nov 01, 2011

I am unable to successfully change navigation from Restricted to Free.

I have modified the player template “Navigation/User Navigation is:” to display “Free – user can view slides in any order” and then republish to Web or Articulate Online and the user navigation remains Restricted when I expect it to be Free. (naturally, when I publish for Web delivery it is to the c: drive.

Using Presenter 09, PowerPoint 2000 with embedded QuizMakers and 1 Web Object.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, advice and/or guidance?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Bill,

Just to make sure that you haven't locked any slide navigation in Slide Properties, take a quick peek at this tutorial:

Also, if you saved the template with a new name, you'll need to make sure you select the new template from the publish menu in Publish Properties -> Player Template

And to clear up any kind of cache issue that may be causing the problem, you can create a new folder on your desktop & then publish to that new folder.

Keep us updated, and good luck!

Bill Finnerty

Nope, no luck - same behavior.

No slide is locked in Slide Properties

Player template, properties show the same player template as specified in Player Templates

[except that it says "(In Project)"]

created a new, never used before  c-drive folder "c:\000000" which is the web publish location

When publishing is complete and presentation started (as flash), nasvigation remains restricted.

Peter Anderson

Hey Bill,

After making your changes and when you go to publish your presentation, make sure that you're selecting the Player Template that you just saved. The drop-down for Player Template will automatically select the last player template that you published with. Depending upon the changes that you made, the selected player template might not be the one that you expect.

Make sure that "In Project" isn't shown in the Player Template name. Otherwise, you'll continue to publish the player template that doesn't have your changes.

Bill Finnerty

Now I have successfully switched to restricted navigation; however, at Articulate Online runtime, when I click on a slide that has not yet been viewed, the system simply presents a dialog box with an OK button and X in upper rights corner. All the text that used to explain that the student must navigatye slides in the proper order is no longer present  ?

This is unexpected behavior.

I am good at pilot error, any thoughts on what I have done wrong ?

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