Cannot import videos to Presenter file

This has been a recurring error for us: whenever we import a video to our Presenter 13 / PowerPoint file, an error appears and the video is not imported (see attached file for screenshot of error). Although, there is one video file that can be imported but the rest of the video files just lead to this error. We have MP4 and FLV file types and both do not work.


Has anyone encountered this issue with Presenter 13 before? Thanks!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nicole!

Are you having trouble with just one project or in any project?

Be sure that you are following the instructions here to add those videos and that you are working locally.

If you are having trouble with only this project, it could indicate corruption, but if it's across projects and you have a valid file I would advise a repair of your software.

Nicole Sarmiento

Hi Leslie, thanks for replying! It happens with any project but I observed that one out of our number of videos would insert successfully even though it was also an mp4 file like the others.

The video which was causing the error was re-encoded and it worked. I think there is still a codec issue with mp4 files in Articulate Studio '13. Hope you guys can look into this as well in case anyone else encounters the same issue.