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Aug 06, 2015





So we use Presenter '13 to create our replays and have recently come across this issue. When trying to import audio or video I receive the 'Your Articulate Presenter project cannot be upgraded to the new Articulate Presenter '13 file format' error mentioned here




I've followed the instructions but they don't seem to apply as I am already using presenter '13. I've followed the instructions here




and here




However the error still occurs. I have also updated to the latest version. This does seem odd as I have been able to publish on my laptop and it only seems to effect a slide deck which is heavy on the images.





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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi OU,

Thanks for going through all those troubleshooting steps before reaching out. I think if you're still seeing the error message we'll want to take a look at the Presenter package.  You mentioned you're inserting a video when you see that error - so you can attach the video separately so that we can test inserting that and inserting a new video. 


Hi Ashley - Unfortunately it doesn't allow me to produce the .ppta. I get the error when trying to do anything in Articulate.

I also receive the error when trying to send an Articulate package, so I can't even do that I'm afraid. I can't upload the .ppt due to its content unfortunately so would have to send it to you direct to investigate if that's possible. I can get it to work on my laptop but my main desktop no longer publishes these. Just doing these on my laptop isn't a solution either.

I read the above link as Eileen has/had the same problem that I do. I can use Articulate for small presentations, but the ones I am experiencing the problem on are fairly large, for example 17.3 mb and 7.03 mb.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi OU,

Are you trying to upgrade your files as Ellen was in that link or just working with existing files?  Those file sizes don't sound particularly large - especially since I've seen larger here in the forums - but I'd also like you to look and see how your system compares to the minimum system requirements here. 

Since you've run through a number of troubleshooting steps and are unable to share your file here, I'd like to have you continue working with our Support Engineers. You can reach out to them here. 

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