Captivate 3, Articulate Presenter, and SharePoint

Jun 05, 2011

Okay...I have published several Captivate 3 projects (not as one .swf) and have inserted them as Flash Files using Presenter. I don't need the skin or just the one .swf file on each slide is fine.

I resize the Captivate .swf file to fit in window I have on the slide. I publish and launch the publication (no sidebar, full view) and it runs great from my hard-drive.

I now put the file on SharePoint 03 and launch the publication through the SharePoint link and the Captivate files are not in the window, but off center and are bigger than what I resized them...but not as big as the original size when I inserted them. I have tried everything, but I can't get the Captivate files to resize when running in SharePoint. The best I can do is keep playing with where I put them, so they don't cover up my navigation links at the bottom of the slide.

Any thoughts?

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Brian Batt

Hi David & welcome to Heroes,

A Flash movie that is inserted into a Presenter ‘09 presentation may not scale properly during playback if the following criteria are true: 

* The slide in which the Flash movie has been inserted is set to Slide Only view. 

* You are using Internet Explorer to view your presentation. 

Please review the following article for more information:

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