Captivate files in Presenter 13?

Oct 02, 2013

I was looking forward to getting my hands on Presenter 13. 

We have hundreds of simulations created in Captivate 5.5 (some are in 6 and recently we switched to 7 as well), however when we insert them in Presenter 13, we can't control the movie with the Articulate seekbar! The movie plays independently from the seekbar; also we can't control the audio from the articulate audio button :( We tried both SWF and Video insert. Ticking the navigation control indicator makes the simulation goes crazy on the SWF first frame

My understanding that Presenter 13 supports AS3, which captivate produces. Was anyone able to get this working?

Using web objects in not an option as it confuses the learners (some slides are using the articulate bar and others with captivate use the captivate bar)

Presenter 09 worked beautifully with captivate 4 and below with AS2

Please let us know. Is this some sort of a business strategy from Articulate to push people to buy Storyline for simulations? We simply can't do it with the hundreds of captivate SWF files



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Babette Novak

Hi all,

Zola - was your question ever answered, if not here perhaps another place? I am about to attempt to embed Captivate 7 simulation exercises into an Articulate Studio '13 (Presenter) wrapper, and need to know how to ensure it works as it should. Any tips/tricks for success from the Articulate community?

Many thanks,


Jeff Schlaybach

Anyone get an answer on this? We've inserted SWF captivate files (many from Captivate 3) into Articulate '09 with ease, and now have lost the player controls in Articulate '13 that we've come to expect and need. Converting to a movie is no answer for

We woudl need to go back and add an additional seek bar/player to our Captivate demos or insert as Web Objects. The '13 universal player is very flexible, but it lost some very important, basic features like this one.

See similar thread on this from a few months ago:

Jeff Schlaybach

Update - appears you can add an SWF using the video insert Icon and include video controls. However, it does not seem to behave as one would expect and perhaps this is because I am using an interactive, captivate SWF.

The two seek bars progress together indicating they are synced, but when you click on the bar the video just restarts, it does not start where you've clicked (example - if you click in the middle you would expect it to start at about half way through the video). Clicking the right arrow int eh play bar pauses the video, but click on the paused icon does not pick up where you paused.

What options are out there to get around this?

Brian  Coady

In case it might help, I was encountering a similar issue when I inserted a Captivate demonstration into a slide using the the "Add Video from file" option (i.e. the navigation controls did not work). When I inserted the same Captivate video using the "Add Flash from file" option, the navigation controls in the Captivate demonstration worked as expected. I have not tested with a simulation file created in Captivate, but the demonstration video did appear to work.

Has this worked for anyone else and have there been any further updates on this issue? Thanks!

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