Changing slide progression timing

First of all...Thank you...this site has been amazing and a wonderful resource.

I am working on my first E-learning module and I am hung up on one small item.  My initial cover page slide takes the defaulted 16 seconds to switch over to the next slide where I have built all of my course navigation features etc.  

I am trying to design my module without the articulate menu options down the left side, I am looking for a clean page and have changed the settings in slide properties to "slide only"

How do I change the timing on my initial slide so that it turns over automatically after say 3 seconds?  For the life of me I can't figure it out and I know I've seen it somewhere in one of the tutorial videos but I can't seem to re-locate it.

Most appreciated,


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Helen Tyson

Hi Chris

The video Nick posted shows Storyline, not Presenter. As Presenter uses PowerPoint as it's base authoring environment it doesn't have a timeline.

To set the default slide length, i.e. a slide without audio/video/animations etc., you will find that in the Options section of the Articulate menu - the default setting is 5 seconds.