Chinese course publish size 45 times larger than UK version - Why?


I am working on a course where the UK version (published for LMS) makes a presentation.swf file of 338 KB.

The same course in chinese published, the main file is now 15.338 KB !!!!

So a factor of 45 times larger - this seems strange.

So please anyone - if you have any tips/tricks please let know.

Best regards, Niels

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Niels Peter Johansson

Hej Leslie,

Yes, I am currently using the newest version UPDATE 4. I have checked to see if I use something special (like a larger video or so), but I can not find anything. Most is made as powerpoint slides where the text has been translated.

And I know that the font is a lot bigger, but not 45 times.

Anything else I can look for?

Niels Peter Johansson

I have shared the files with the support.

Meanwhile I have tried to convert the course from Presenter 13 to Storyline 2. The size is very small, and I have now sent the SL2 version to the customer to see if they can accept this version.

I'll keep you updated as soon as I know anything.