published file zip folder is huge!

Oct 28, 2011

I have two similar PPT presentations.

One has 57 slides and is 69,000 kb in size. Published and zipped, the folder is 16,400 kb.

The second hs 48 slides and is 48,000 kb. Published and zipped, the folder is an astomishing 104,000 kb.

They both use similar images. The larger published one has fewer Engage slides in it.

What should I look at to try to troubleshoot why this particular PPT publishes to so many kb?

Both are created in PPT 2010, both published with the same version of Presenter.

Has this happened to any of you?



I just figured it out! I had published one for the web and the other as "CD," because it didn't need to be used on the web. The CD version is much, much larger. I just republished it for the web and the zipped folder went from 104,000 kb(CD) to 9,000 kb(Web).  Maybe this post will help someone else who hasn't yet figured this out. WHEW!

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