"Cleaning up temporary files"

Sep 09, 2018

I see that this problem has been posted earlier.  How do you address publishing getting hung up with the "cleaning up temporary files" message.  I have rerecorded lectures without any change in response.

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Katie Riggio

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to lend you a hand, Mary! We never want to hold up your projects, and I'm sorry for any headaches this roadblock has caused.

We have been following your case as it progresses, and appreciate you giving Gren's troubleshooting steps a whirl. We'll continue to follow along as the case advances to share any valuable details here!

Katie Riggio

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Mary. Very sorry to hear of this roadblock.

I saw your update in the case this morning, and I have no doubt that you're in good hands with Gren. Appreciate you working with us and glad to hear that everything on the Windows side looks good. Be sure to let Gren know if these steps help! 

Charles Green

I don't know if this helps but I recently ran into this problem. Was very concerned to see this issue has existed since 2016. When it first occurred earlier this week I rebuilt (copy pasted) into new powerpoint as a work-around. I was able to publish several times. Then it happened again (same course). So this evening I used the Check for Issues Inspector. It indicated something about personal information and removed it. After running the inspector it also reset my player and publishing settings. So I reloaded my player  and  added my publishing settings and that seemed to fix it. Much better than rebuilding the course.

Charles Green

In Powerpoint click File>Check for Issues>Inspect Document

One thing I didn't mention. I did have to reload my videos. I had 3 MP4 videos that appeared to be on the designated slides. But they actually were removed and I had to re-import them. I didn't have any audio files. So if you have audio, it may or may not remove the audio. I'm not sure.

I'm still learning.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Mary. I see you're still working with Jon on this issue and have a web conference scheduled for tomorrow. I'll continue to follow along in your case.

Charles and Tianna,

If you need more help checking these files to figure out the cause, please connect with our Support Team here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Molly,

That's an interesting piece I haven't run into before. It sounds like this happens when you add SmartArt into a powerpoint file and then import that into Storyline?

SmartArt graphics should be importing as standard images into Storyline as detailed here. Do you have a lot of these graphics in your file?

Crystal Horn

Thanks for that detail, Molly.  The original case in this thread had to do with compatibility of PowerPoint versions, so the SmartArt is a separate element we should explore!

Would you be willing to share one of your PowerPoint files with SmartArt included with our support team for testing?  If it's a bug, we'll let you know and start the process of prioritizing it for a fix.  Thank you!

Michael UST-Wilder

Hi Leslie,  this is happening to a project I'm working on as well.   Since you're on this thread as of 4 days ago, I thought I'd share my Articulate project and see if you can help my situation.  

I do have Smart Art graphics and the audio is about 30 min. in length.  It continues to hang on "Cleaning up temporary files."

thanks for any suggestions you have.