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Steve Cohn

Yes, they have Presenter '09 but have already indicated that they'll have to upgrade to '13. They want to be able to edit what I sent them. So I think you're right; they want the project files, which is fine. Are the project files the powerpoint files in my explorer that have the little pinkish "a" symbol next to the item on the list ? That's what I figure. However, I sent her three files -- file 3 is 24,570 KB, file 2 is 30,574 KB, which tells me those are the project files with the embedded audio. But file 1 is only 967 KB, which makes no sense because when I open the actual file 1 PowerPoint, it's 10MB and the audio is there. This is what is confusing me.

Can you tell me if I'm correct that these are the presentation files and clarify the confusion on File 1?


Leslie McKerchie

They would need the full Articulate Package if they needed to edit this material. 

However, they will not be able to edit your material from Presenter '13, which Presenter '09 as it is not backwards compatible.

I'm not sure what files you are referring to as we always recommend sharing the full Articulate Package.