Codec Error trying to insert an .flv file into PP slide

Jan 10, 2013

First, I used Articulate Encoder to publish an .mp4 file to an .flv file.

Then I opened my .pptx file and tried to insert (Insert/Video) the .flv file onto the slide. 

I received the error, "Powerpoint cannot insert a video from the selected file.  Verify that the necessary codec for this media format is installed and try again."

Help!  I thought the point of using Encoder was that it would convert my .mp4 file into a format I could insert in PowerPoint.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Diane. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with this. Are you inserting the video from the Presenter ribbon, or from PowerPoint, itself? First, make sure you're inserting with Presenter. 

Second, make sure that the video is located on your local hard drive. Try not to work with files that are located on any external sources (network drive, USB drive, etc.). Storing the files on external sources is fine if you wish to share content, but when you edit, publish or test files, it's best to work with files located on your hard drive.

Third, make sure you have the correct codecs installed. 

1.  Please try closing Video Encoder and installing the following codec packs: 

K-Lite Codec Pack Full (accept all default installation options)

Media Player Codec Pack (deselect toolbar options during installation)

After downloading these codec packs, kindly restart your machine, then try importing the video in Articulate Video Encoder again.

2  Please make sure this file does not reside on a drive that is heavily fragmented (WinXP/Vista/7) or short on disk space

Let me know how it goes, Diane.


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