Compatibility Articulate with Oracle/Learning Management Systems

Feb 14, 2016

Dear Community,

I have a question regarding the compatibility of articulate files and a learning management system.

That's the situation:

We use OLM (Oracle Learning Management System). My company has hired a consultancy which is developing a content server application (in Oracle) which will store all of the training material I create. They confuse me with regards to the compatibility with articulate and would appreciate if anyone who has worked with Articulate and OLM (or any other learning management system) can help.

That's what I want:

I'm creating training materials with Articulate (Quizzes, Training, Evaluation and Assessments). All this material should be accessible for the learner with our learning management system. As a company, we want to be able to run a report, track and save employees learning activities, such as quiz scores or date of completion.

So I would like to understand whether this is correct:

  1. Articulate files allow oracle to run reports.
  2. Articulate creates scorm files that can be saved on OLM and played by the learner
  3. Any articulate file created (such as .exe or shockwave) can be read and the information saved on OLM (such as the quiz result)
  4. Any individual learning history such as quiz results or training completion that is provided by articulate software can be read by oracle. Therefore oracle can run reports based on the articulate file results.

That's my problem:

The consultancy keeps telling me, to better use oracle assessments and evaluations rather than the articulate ones. They say, that no reports can be run if an articulate quiz is done, as the score is not saved in a way that oracle can run the report.

That is not what I understood when starting to use articulate.

Can someone help?


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Jon DeGroot

Hey Melissa,

I work at a Technical College and we are running Blackboard as our LMS. We use Articulate and create quizzes that report out the scores and answers to Blackboard's Grade Center. We have tools that run reports on quizzes done through Blackboard but these don't work with the Articulate Quizzes or any product utilizing SCORM. 

Can you share what kind of reporting you are looking to do on the quiz results?

So looking at your list of questions.

1. I'm not sure. Blackboard allows limited reporting on the quiz results. You can see what the questions were, what they answered and if they were correct or not and the final score. Tests built in Blackboard provided more detailed reports.

2. Yes, Articulate creates SCORM files that can be viewed by the learners. I found a document that covers some important steps to doing this with your specific LMS. Steps 35-37 are where it discusses SCORM. You may have to make sure some things are installed or enabled on your system. 

3. I don't believe you can upload just any output of the Articulate presentation. In Blackboard we have to zip the presentation and attach it that way for it to work.

4. SCORM does push the results to the LMS including completion and quiz results however the built in reporting may look at SCORM results and built in Quiz results differently. When publishing a SCORM file be sure to choose SCORM 2004 over 1.2 as it provides more detailed results within your LMS. 

I'm sorry I'm not more familiar with the Oracle LMS! Let me know what kind of reports you're looking to run and that may give me an idea of if it's possible.


Jon DeGroot

Melissa Schlimm

Hi Jon,

thanks a lot for your quick reply.

We want to run reports on the scores of the quizzes that have been completed and the evaluation that was done. This information we want based on the employee, which we administrate with Oracle as well, so the employee information is saved there anyways.

Sorry I'm not an IT specialist and hope that this is clear?




Jon DeGroot

Hey Melissa,

If all you want to know is how each employee did on the quiz and what they chose for answers SCORM should do the trick. I don't believe you'll be able to do much more reporting beyond that. You may be able to see what the average score was on a specific quiz among the users as well but I can't think of much past that. However Blackboard is the LMS I'm familiar with and not Oracle's. You may have to find someone with some experience with using SCORM within the Oracle LMS.

Wish I could be of more help!

Jon DeGroot

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