Articulate SCORM 1.2 content hangs when launched in Oracle OLM

Mar 22, 2012

Hi Folks,

I have an issue where content begins to launch in the OLM course player and then hangs indefinitely. The status bar gets to about 20% and stops.

The content is published to LMS > SCORM 1.2 in Articulate presenter. This is not unique to one piece of content we have created using Articulate (I've tested 3 and they all behave the same).

My LMS is Oracle Learning Management (OLM) version 12.1.3. I have successfully uploaded the content zip having previously replaced 5.xsd's with the Oracle specific ones. The content uploads without error as expected.

Tracking type is set to SCORM 1.2 in OLM (CMI is not a listed option in this new version). I've also uploaded the SCORM adapter and validated that this is working correctly. I have also uploaded, launched and successfully played  the SCORM test object to verify and all checks out ok.

Any advice and guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards


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Luther Granger

Hi there,

I'm still working on this issue but with no success so far. Articulate is our preferred corporate LMS but have so far no managed to get any content to launch successfully on the new LMS (Oracle OLM) we are implementing.

The content server is external to the LMS so cross domain runtime communication is required. I believe the Articulate content is failing to launch because of this issue.

SCORM packages authored with other tools with flash content will play without issue though the OLM LMS when loaded to the same server. These packages include the latest APIWrapper.js file from the ADL Scorm website. The Articulate packages do not include this file. I have tried adding this file and then also amending the manifest to reference this file also.

Am I on the right track here? Which of the files in the Articulate package controls the CMI calls? Would it be a case of replacing this file with APIWrapper.js or perhaps retaining the same file but amending or replacing the content with that from the APIWrapper.js file?

To confirm we are running:

OLM R12.1.3

Articulate Presenter 9

Browser version: IE:8

Flash Player version: Orginally 10 but now upgraded to 11

Thanks again

Dave Newgass

Hello Luther,

Sorry you are having problems...let me see if I can offer some direction based on my past experiences.

I had similiar issues is my courses hanging in Moodle.  It ended up being IE that was causing the problems.

Have you tried any other browsers?  Failing that....what we ended up doing is modifiying our Moodle theme to force IE compatibility mode.

Try putting IE in compatibility mode and launch it.  If it fixes the problem.....well, that's half the battle won!  At least you would know what it is.

Good luck!  I hope this helps.



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