Complex animations on Presenter 13 run out of sequence

Mar 31, 2015

I have two slides in Presenter 13 that have complex animations that are running out of sequence. For example, the first slide has 37 animations with three mouse clicks. It appears that the animations for click two and the animations for click three are running at the same time.

The animations run correctly when I test in PowerPoint Slideshow mode, but when I test the same slide in Articulate Preview or Publish modes, the animations don't work right.

These are important animations that took a lot of time to develop and I'm supposed to be showing a draft of this to my boss tomorrow. Can someone please help me to fix this? Thanks.

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JJ Johnson

Thanks Leslie. All of my animations are supported; they're just not working correctly as I described. I have had failures like this before with earlier Articulate products (long time user) and am hoping I'm not the victim of buggy behavior surfacing with complex animations. Any suggestions? I'm on a deadline here so don't have a lot more hours to spend fussing with testing and workarounds.

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