Converting 2009 color Pallets for 2013

Jan 24, 2014

Articulate Software Folks:

I realize that the Articulate 09 template files are NOT compatible with Articulate 13.  This is a HUGH issue for our company moving forward with multiple licenses for Articulate 13.  We have many color pallets developed in 09 that we will need to continue using.

The Articulate software developers need to create some sort of converter program.  I understand that 13 is very different from 09.  However, we need a converter (or a process) that would at least capture the color pallet developed on 09 to be usable in 13.  This would save us thousands of hours of work moving forward with the many templates that we use for our clients.

Someone at Articulate, please hear our plea for a color pallet support tool.



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