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Jeb Hoge

I'm finding that you can cut/copy and paste from slide to slide in Audio Editor BUT it's not stable. If I open, say, Sync Animations after pasting in text in order to change the timing, the audio excerpts revert to the full clip and not just the cut part. It's getting frustrating! Re-recording would take less time and (theoretically) work better.

Shelly Cook

I'd recommend "exporting" your audio from the Articulate Audio Editor (you can export as mp3 or wav).  Each sound file will be saved by slide #.  Then insert the sound file you wish use in through the Import Editor feature.   Later, if after you have finished whatever editing you feel necessary, you can export again and save.  I try to do this with every project in the event I lose the audio - then it's a breeze to re-insert.