Difficulty adding numerous attachements

Nov 12, 2013

Hello all. I'm providing some support for an Artciulate user who has reported the following issue:

"I want to create a zip-file in articulate with 9 Attachments, to use it in our LMS.

 After I insert all 9 Attachments I publish it. If I click on the Button “View Presentation” to see all the 9 Attachments, everything is empty. When I go back to the Attachments Button , everything is empty and I have to start all over again.

I finally succeed after about the third attempt.

 If I only add 3 or 4 Attachments, everything is all right."

Any ideas on what the issue could be? The fact that the user reports that things eventually work out after 3 or 4 attempts puzzles me.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or resolutions.

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Laodis Menard

Hello, Justin.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I do not think a Screenr will be possible, and my understanding is that it falls into the "erratic" category since the user reports that she usually ends up getting things to work, so I think I'll ask our IT department to do a repair/reinstall (since the user does not have Admin rights).

Thanks again for your help! I will follow up on this post with what I hope will be its resolution.

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