Problems Getting Attachments Tab to Show Up

I cannot see my attachments tab on one particular course.  On other courses, I have no problems with it showing up when published.  Here's what I've done so far:

1. Removed/readded the attachments

2. Ensured the Attachments checkbox is checked

3. Reimported my player template

4. Verified by republishing another similar course with attachments that it isn't computer related (that one works).

6. Modified the player view by clicking the button on the bottom right (still no attachments tab showing).

Help welcomed!


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Gabe Anderson

Hi Paul- what type of content is on the slide (standard PowerPoint content, Web Object, etc.)? Or is the attachments menu not working on all slides?

If you're using Web Objects, that could be the issue because a Web Object appears as the top item:

Presenter bio, email buttons, and toolbar menu items display behind a Web Object

Paul Reid

Thanks so much for all your comments and suggestions... the attachments tab is now working properly...

The Fix:

1. Republish the course using the Corporate  Communications template

2. Reload my modified template from file (overwrite the template by the same name already within the course)

3. Republish - Attachments tab now visible

A lesson learned - thanks!