My client is having a little issue.

Dec 22, 2010

I'm having some problems with my course. It includes some things that work on my computer, but not on my client's computer. For example, I have an Attachments tab and an Exit tab on my toolbar - these work when I'm viewing the course here in my office, but when my customer tries to view them from their location, a lot of stuff doesn't work. Even attachments that I've added through the attachments tab as a URL aren't showing up - I get an error. Can someone help? 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Bob - welcome to the forums!   Sorry you're having trouble. What publish option are you choosing when you publish the course? Also, when you view your published output, are you viewing it locally (from your computer), or from a web location? And how about your client - when they view your course, are they viewing it locally or online?

Bob Lander

Thanks for the nice welcome.  When I publish, I'm choosing the Web option because my client wants to put the course on their intranet. When I test the course, I just click the View Presentation button once it's done publishing. Isn't that the right way to view it? For my client's review, I have been zipping up the published output and giving it to them through YouSendIt. They download the zipped file to their computer & view it there. Should I be doing things a different way?

Jeanette Brooks

Yeah, if you're planning to ultimately deploy your content online, you should upload it to a web location and test it there - can try that and see if that solves it for you? If you plan on deploying/testing the content locally (like on a CD or a standalone computer), you should publish for CD and then use the file launch_presentation.exe to launch the presentation. Hope that helps!

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Bobbie, and no that's not a silly question at all! The publishing process is optimized for the destination from which you plan to deploy it. It's common for issues to occur if, for example, you publish for Web and then try to test the content locally, like from your own hard drive. There are browser & security settings that can prevent the content from behaving the way it's supposed to -  Bob's example, where his client was trying to open Attachments by viewing a web-published course from a hard drive, is a common symptom. So we always recommend testing the published course in the environment where it will ultimately live. Hope that helps!

Efrat Maor

The issue is not about optimizing.

It is a flash security feature.

When flash content is opened from a local drive, links to files and URLs outside of the flash content are disabled.

There are two solutions for this, without changing publishing options or uploading to the web:

1. Changing your security settings.

2. If your intranet has a server which is defined as a local web server (it means different settings), content uploaded to that server (although it is in your local network and not on the web) will function properly. Usually you will need to consult IT in order to recieve accurate answers regarding such a solution.

Good luck!

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