Replublished Presenter 09 keeps directing to past file links

Jun 24, 2016

I have attachments and hyperlinks within my course that I've had to update to new locations.  When I check the links in PowerPoint and my Articulate tab there they are correct, but when I publish some of them, primarily the ones in the attachments tab keep directing to the old links.  I've republished three times and it keeps happening.  Help.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Guy,

Are you testing the published output within the intended environment?  You'll also want to look at clearing the browser cache or testing it in a new browser to confirm that you're not accessing a cached copy of the course. Additionally if you're overwriting the previous course, you'll want to confirm with your LMS or web server that it'll work as such vs. having to upload a brand new course. 

Eki Traeger

We're having the same issue with Quizmaker '13. We originally set a link to one location, and we then went back and edited it. We've tried numerous times to fix it, such as highlight and 'remove hyperlink', remove the text that's linked and re-add, etc. We've cleared cache, renamed and published to different locations, and it always retains the old link. Note that on Firefox, if you click the link, it opens to both locations. As well, if you approach it from the left, it only highlights the linked text; approach from anywhere else, and it highlights in a big rectangle, including text that was never linked.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Guy -- Thanks for your response and actually, it looks like it came through twice, so if you would like to delete one of the replies, you are welcome to click here to be taken to the post and then use the DELETE button below one of the duplicate replies.

And I'm sorry to hear that you are still having difficulties with your attachments! You are welcome to share your file here, or if you would like to work with our Support Engineers directly, here is the form you'd need to submit a case. 

Eki Traeger

Since we have confidential content, we created a "test" quiz. It consists of nine questions, and on the last three, we modified each existing link in a different way. (The first six ?s include the original linked text.) You can see the issue on the very last question (9th) with link "Reference link text deleted and this link added." As it states, there was text with a link, which we highlighted and deleted. We then added the link you see now, pointing to If you open in FF, you'll see it opens to both that url and the original url, If you open in other browsers, it will only open to

Long story short, as we're seeing, if you simply highlight an existing link > delete > add new link --> original link is still in there, and now there appears to be no way to get rid of it. Hopefully there's some type of workaround for this, since we're looking at a good amount of rework otherwise. thanks!

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