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I'm new to the Articulate suite, so there may be a simple fix for this, but I've wasted a LOT of time trying to find the solution.  I have one slide that I created in PPt2003 using  Smart Art that  shows all of the text as a double image when I do an Articulate preview.   I used Arial size 16. It looks fine  in PowerPoint.   I tried erasing the text and reentering it, but it has no effect.  All of the other slides look fine, even other slides with Smart Art.

Any suggestions?

Also, what type size do you typically use for something that will be directly converted to elearning?

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Steve Flowers

Smart art can behave oddly sometimes. You may end up with better results by ungrouping the smart art once you have it established (retain the original on a hidden slide if it took some build work) or copy and paste as an image. This will ensure that you get a faithful representation on export.

Brian Batt

Hi Carol and welcome to Heroes,

If you ungroup a SmartArt Graphic in your presentation, you may find that the text in each object is doubled, so that it appears blurry, fuzzy, or shadowed.

This is a known issue.  Please review the following article for more information and workarounds:

Jenise Cook (


One thing I've learned from both (a) Tom Kuhlmann's blog posts and (b) my experimentations, is that SmartArt works best in an Articulate Presenter-published course if it is converted to an image file format prior to publishing.

I do a Save as... Picture. Select the SmartArt graphic, right mouse click, and save it as a Picture (result is a PNG image file).

Before I do that, however, I open and save a separate PPT file that is a "Library" file of the original SmartArt graphics, as well as "regular" Drawing Objects. When I create a graphical element in PPT, before I save it as a PNG image file, I copy and paste it into the second PPT "Library" file.

That way, if either I or the client make changes to the graphical element, I can go to that element inside the PPT "Library" file change it, and resave it as an image (PNG) file. I then go to the PPT slide for my course, select the image/graphic to be updated, right mouse click, and select Change Picture... and select the newly revised PNG file. It's actually quite fast and doesn't add a lot of extra time to a project.

Feel free to send me a PM if you need details.

Presenter's publishing process "likes" PNG files more than SmartArt graphic elements.