Embedding Captivate 4 in Presenter 09

Mar 14, 2012

Hi All, 

I'm producing an Articulate project with embedded Captivate clips in the presenter. I have 2 major problems:

  1.  When I embed the swf file with the Captivate skin, the clip doesn't fit fully in the presenter's view and gets cut from bottom and top. do I need to re-size my Captivate project for this to work? I tried publishing with externalized skin but it wouldn't launch from presenter.
  2. My Captivate clips require using right-click functionality, and this doesn't  work using the SWF file on its own, I have to use the html launch file. How do I get it to work?

I would really appreciate you help on these two issues.

Thanks in Advance, 


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Michael Lee

Hi Oren

I have had some success with Captivate 4 embedded into Articulate and most was trial and error. 

The best results for me as to get rid of the skin from Captivate. Looks real cool as well and stand alone. I did have to resize the capture area as welll. I am on the road at present and when I get back tomorrow I will post the sizes for you. 


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