Embedding continuous video without breaking in between

Aug 21, 2011


I have a video of approximately 30 minutes. The video need to be displayed in the presenter area. For slicing the video I am using Articulate Video encoder and embedding I am using "flash movie icon>select video>Display in presenter panel>when user click next>OK".

Everything works perfectly except a pause in the video while changing from slide to slide. The presentation is Auto Advance. When I navigate from slide 1 to slide 2 then for couple of second the video will be paused.

Is there a posibility to show the video continuously without breaking while moving from slide to slide.

In blogs I found a way to do so. The link is mentioned below. But I was facing another challenge in this. I need to have play/pause controls in the articulate but with the method given in below link, I was not able to control the video using play/pause buttons.


Thanks in Advance!



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