Engage Interactions within Presentation get stuck

Jun 19, 2012

Hi Folks,

I have Presentations that have a few Engage Interactions dispersed throughout.  Every now and then one of my users will be viewing the Presentation on their system and they'll get stuck, but it only happens when they get to the Engage Interactions within the Presentation.  It creates a real problem because the navigation is restricted and they can't proceed within the presentation until the Engage Interaction slide is viewed.

Most users get through it just fine, but a few here and there have this problem with getting stuck on just the Engage Interaction slides. 

What is it about these few operating environments that might cause their system to get stuck on just  the Engage Interaction slides?  

I just had this case happen today and the user is running the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player.  What else should I be checking for?


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