enlarging stage in Presenter 13?

I would like to enlarge the stage in Presenter 13.

My problem is:

I have a video in the size of 1152x864. I have changed the size of my PowerPoint to the same size. If I publish the material the stage only has a size of 720x540. So the video gets blurry.

Has anyone an idea to solve that problem?

Thanks in advance....


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Patrick and welcome to Heroes!

You're following the directions here on how to change the size of slides within your Presenter file, and then it's reverting back to the 720x540 on publish? Can you confirm that you're working with local project files, as working on a network or USB drive could cause unusual behavior? Also, you may want to conduct a repair of your Presenter software.  If you're still having difficulty, please package your Presenter files and share them with us here.