Error code: 120 after fixing Flash 19 bug

Oct 01, 2015

Hi all.  I am unable to publish any presentations after downgrading to Flash 18 due to the Flash 19 bug.  It has been a very lengthy process to get this far and I have to finally admit I am stuck.

I have removed Flash 19 and the Windows update that it came in.  I have installed Flash 18 (using Flashplayerr10_0r0_232_winax.exe - note the 'winax': very important).  I am getting the old error code:120 problem now when trying to publish.  I have Windows 7 and Presenter 09.

Another post told me to remove 2 other Windows updates (KB3060716, KB3071756).  That is done.

Now if I try to publish anything PowerPoint immediately crashes and I get the 120 error.  I have to kill the AP6 process also in order to try again.

I have created a blank, single-slide presentation, saved in my Documents folder (C:) and this also crashes as soon as I click the Publish button.

I've done the Articulate repair and reinstall several times.

I'm feeling like I've tried every conceiveable thing suggested in this forum plus others.

This has killed important work for clients who are waiting on published lessons for courses.

Can anyone please help with a strategy to get my PC working again?  My other PC with Win 8.1 and Presenter 13 is working after the Flash 18 downgrade, so this is limited to Win 7/Presenter 09.

Thanks for any help.


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Paul Barker

Not giving up, I have transferred the license for Studio 09 to my other (Win 8.1) PC.  Removed Studio 13, installed Studio 09, registered with the 09 license.

I did one publish successfully!  Punching the air and smiling a lot.  But, second and subsequent attempts get the 120 error.  What is going on?  It is so totally broken.  Any help very gratefully accepted.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

Thanks for testing that switch out and sharing the update here. Since it seems you've done extensive work on this set up yet Presenter 09 continues to crash it would likely be best to work directly with our Support engineers here so that we can take a look at your specific files and how they are behaving. Can you reach out here? 

Sridhar SV

Dear All,

Users using Articulate Studio '09 are unable to publish their presentation. This issue started almost during September 2015 & it is because of Microsoft Patches that is getting installed. Below are some patches that is causing this issue. If you have these in your Add or Remove programs > Installed Updates then uninstall it.


This is happening continuously as the patch released during September has been superseded by October & then November & Probably it should be in December month as well. I am yet to check.

Hope this helps!!

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