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Maryam Shoja

Hi Ashley and thank you for your warm welcome!

I posted a ticket with the details of the problem (Case # 00363506) and uploaded  the course package. I have already tried uninstalling Articulate Studio 13 Standard, cleaning the registry, and installing it back, but the error keeps on occurring. Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

(Regarding your question about the template, I am just starting to use Articulate Studio 13 Standard, and I do not understand what you mean. I have looked the site for 'custom templates', but it seems to me that these matter when you use Storyline [which I'm not not]. Please advice if otherwise)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ricardo! Thank you for the update and I can see where your case was submitted and you should be hearing from someone soon. I knew that you had already done some troubleshooting is why I referred you to support. If you are using the standard template, that's what I was asking Let's see what support has to say as I will be following along as well.

Leslie McKerchie

George, I popped in to check on your case (00361175) and see where you are still working with Gren on your issue.

Muriel, As mentioned earlier, I checked on your case (00361041) today and updated with your latest comment. 

Ricardo, I checked on your case (00363506) as well and see where you are still working with Gren on your issue as well.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Janice and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! This looks like your first post to me, so I'm not sure what you are referring to when you said your screen shot was previously posted. As you can see from my previous post, we are still actively working on these issues and I have no updates to provide other than what you can see here in this thread. If you would like to work with support as well, then you can certainly package your course and submit it to us.