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I added an excel file as an attachment to a presentation and published creating a ZIP file to upload to my LMS.  Now when I view the presentation in LMS and click on attachment, the excel file does not open.  It has been saved as a winzip file instead of excel file.  If you don't have winzip on your computer, you can't open.

Not sure if this is an LMS issue or if I can somehow fix.  Any ideas?



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Tina Shaw

I had the same issue, and I DID attach it as an Excel file and not as a ZIP. When I published and clicked on view presentation from the publish window, I was able to open the attachment as an Excel file. When I zipped the course so I could upload it to the LMS and then previewed it from the LMS, the attachment opened as a ZIP, but when I tried to extract files all I got was code, not a usable document. HELP! 

Does zipping the course also zip the attachment? How can we get around that?

Justin Wilcox

Hi Tina.

Here's what I would suggest doing.

  1. Remove the existing document from the attachments.
  2. Open the .XLSX file in Excel and save as an XLS document.
  3. Insert the XLS document as a file type attachment.
  4. Publish your presentation for LMS.
  5. Upload the presentation to your LMS and see if that resolves your issue.
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jennifer and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! What product are you currently using? The forum here is for Presenter, but I see where you are asking about Storyline, so just wanted a bit of clarification. (If you are using Presenter, let me know if it's '09 or '13 as well)

Are you uploading your content to an LMS as well? As you can see above, Tina was following up with her LMS vendor, and I do not have an update on her reported issue, but we can try to assist you with yours.

Nancy Campbell


We have this issue also.  It happens with any type of file (.docx, .pdf, .xls, etc).  We found it happens in IE but not Chrome.  It seems to be an issue with IE.  We have to use IE in compatibility mode for the attachments to open and I wish we didn't have to because then some websites look misaligned.