External web objects not opening in Chrome browser

One of my co-workers is having a problem with an external web object not opening consistently. When the lesson is viewed using IE or Firefox, everything works fine. When the lesson is viewed in Chrome, the web object doesn't display. I tried to recreate the problem with a simple project launching an external web site, and I encountered the same problem.  Has anyone else noticed this problem before?

I've already tried changing my browser settings in Chrome (i.e., allow pop-ups) and the flash securtiy settings in Windows 7 (via the control panel).  Neither helped.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Andy!

Sorry for the trouble, but when viewing published Articulate content on your local computer with the Google Chrome browser, you may find that some features don't work as expected.

A bug in the integrated Flash Player for Google Chrome (i.e., the Pepper plugin) that was released on July 31, 2012 does not support trusted locations. As a result, communication between the Flash Player and your Articulate content is denied when the content is viewed locally, which causes various features in your content to fail. This article has more info.