Failed to detect Articulate Presenter process

Jun 03, 2019

Hi, I get this message when I open a ppt or close a ppt. I have a licenses, restarted and still get this message. When I start someting in Presenter I also get this message and then I can't do anything. Then I have to restart the computer and it works.

What is this message? How can I get rid of it?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Joseph. We sent Karen some additional help in getting her Articulate 360 apps installed again. Performing a reinstallation most frequently helps to clear any odd behavior and re-establish permissions for each program.

If you have any hesitation, we're happy to help! You can reach out to my team here for more guidance. If you have an Articulate 360 for Teams subscription, you'll get priority support, including live chat, using that link. (You'll need to be signed in using your Teams Articulate ID)

Naomi Mora

The error message disappeared after I re-booted my laptop. Also, the PPT file was in a network drive so I moved it to the local drive.
I am now able to use the application.

Thank you for the follow up.

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Joseph Francis

The solution I was provided involved the following:

  1. A complete uninstall of all Articulate Studio 360 components
  2. Wipe of all Articulate-related entries in the system registry
  3. Re-install of all Articulate components
  4. System reboot
  5. Test of all Articulate components and PowerPoint
    (as I am still in the testing phase, I cannot definitively say if the problem has, in fact, been addressed)

This is hardly what I would describe as "elegant," as the entire process of troubleshooting, log retrieval and uploading, and back-and-forth communication with Articulate took the better part of a day. Has I not been fortunate enough to be a local admin on my PC, total time spent would have probably been doubled. This current "fix" needs to be completely overhauled and packaged for those who are not local admins, and not involve a complete uninstall and re-install.

Alyssa, if you had read Chris' message, you would have seen he was following the instructions provided by Lauren, which were for Studio 13, not Studio 360. Katie responded with the instructions for Studio 360 at the top of this thread, which begs the question, why a fix for Studio 13 was inserted into this conversation at all. There are subtle differences between the two processes, apparently enough to wreck PowerPoint and not doing a thing about the problem if executed on the wrong version of Studio.

Joseph Francis

Less than 12 hours after executing the latest "fix" and running PowerPoint through several open/save/close/exit cycles, the "Failed to detect Articulate Presenter process" dialog box reappeared when closing PowerPoint.

When I was a guinea pig/beta tester for Macromedia, I was at least thanked with polo shirts and water bottles.

Vincent Scoma

Hey Joy,

I am sorry that you are running into this snag as well! Depending on which product you have, you will want to first try following these steps:

After following those steps if you are still encountering some trouble, please free to reach out to our team for additional guidance. We are happy to help! 

Joseph Francis

Same here, Chris. The bug went from consistent to intermittent, but is still very much alive. As I was unable to reproduce the issue with Renson on a consistent basis after the latest "fix," it was of little value to both of us to have him connected live to my PC, waiting for the bug to miraculously pop up.

Other than staff weighing in on this forum with non-solution solutions and "rah-rahs," I'm not seeing any actual progress towards diagnosing and repairing what looks very much like a PowerPoint integration problem. AND has been a known bug for at least 3 months, if not more.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

I see that my colleague, John, reached out again to ask if you could pull the diagnostic logs to continue troubleshooting with us. We're not seeing this as a widespread issue across all customers (although I know there are a handful in this discussion and others) so it's pointing to an environmental issue. If you can respond to John's latest email that would really help us find a permanent solution for you.

Joseph, I'll ask our engineers to share those same directions with you for additional next steps. Keep your eyes out for another email shortly. 

Katie Riggio

Hi, Marlit and Chris.

I'm so sorry for the trouble this oddity is causing. 

The nature of this behavior has been a tough one for us to identify. Would you be willing to work with our Support Engineers by clicking here so we can quickly pull a few system logs to help us get to the root?

Since you both have a Teams subscription, you'll get access to priority support and can chat instantly with our team. They'll do everything they can to ensure your tools are up and running in no time! 

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