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Jun 26, 2012

Testing a (published Articulate Presenter) course in our LMS.  Testers report exiting, re-entering the course, answering the "Return to where you left off?" prompt "YES" ...they are then returned to a slide earlier in the course than where they left off. (Example:  left after slide 48, returned to slide 20.  Left at slide 41, returned to slide 37).

I'm using Studio 09, PPT 2003, I selected "prompt to resume on restart" and "when running on LMS ignore Flash cookie" options on the player template.

What would cause this to happen?  How can it be prevented?

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Jo Chamberlin

Hello, Peter- If I understood the articles you pointed me to, I should turn off the "prompt to resume on restart" and "when running on LMS ignore Flash cookie" options in the Player Template and that should solve the issue? (let the LMS bookmark instead).  Also, I should turn of the "prompt to resume" in the quizzes and interactions as well? 

The course is a 49-slide Compliance course, no narration, with various knowledge checks (Quizmaker quizzes), and Engage interactions (FAQs, carousels, tabs)  All quizzes and the final test (the trigger for completion) are locked down so that the learner must complete all questions before moving any where else in the course. 

One tester reported exiting from an Engage interaction slide, and when prompted at restart, was taken back 5 slides to a plain (not Engage, not QuizMaker) slide.  The second tester claims he left the final exam and upon restarting was taken back 28 slides .   I cannot see how he was able to leave the final exam in trhe middle of it (it's locked) and if he successfully completed the exam, the course would complete in the LMS and he wouldn't have been able to relaunch without re-registering for it!  Have a call into him, we've been playing telephone tag for 3 days now.

So if I unchaeck the promt options, republish and try it in the LMS...That should recolve the issue?

Phil Mayor

The course will not resume if you uncheck the prompt to resume option. 

It may be you are hitting the limit for scorm data, are you suing scorm 1.2 or 2004?

It would be worthwhile testing in scorm cloud to see if the resume works as expected.  All data is sent to the LMS if they are set to resume it is easy to tip the scales.  It may be possible to increase the resume data limit in your LMS.

Jo Chamberlin

Hey, Peter- I have not been successful reproducing the issue in the LMS so the debug log is not working as an option.  Concerned about loading a Compliance (proprietary) course to the SCORM cloud- that would be outside our best practices/legal guidelines. 

Would you suggest turning off the resume in the quizzes/interactions as suggested in one of the articlaes you pointed me to?


Jo Chamberlin

The issue was encountered by testers in a LMS domain that I don't have access to.  I provided the zipped file to a counterpart who loaded it into their LMS domain. In my version of the test system, the course runs and bookmarks with no errors or issues.  The domain for the testers at our sister company contains a lot more data/larger number of courses than my domain does.  I cannot reproduce the error in this course with what I have available to me.

However, meantime, in a different Articulate course being tested in my Test domain, another tester  (1 out of 7) reported that that course didn't bookmark correctly for him.  So the issue appears larger than one packaged course.

Again, would you suggest turning off the resume in the quizzes/interactions as suggested in one of the articlaes you pointed me to?

Peter Anderson

Hi Jo!

Yes, I'd try giving the suggestions from the first two bullets of that article a try and see if the resume functionality you want is maintained:

And if the issue isn't going away, I'd recommend submitting a case to our support team for additional help. They'll be happy to work with you to get the course functioning properly. 
Jo Chamberlin

Hello, Peter-

I reviewed all the quizzes and interactions and found only one that had the "resume" option selected.  I unchecked that one and republished. So the majority of the course was NOT sending suspend_data beyond the minimum. 

My counterpart in the other LMS domain loaded the course into the Production domain rather than the test system, tested it,  and the issue did not repeat (that is, the bookmarking worked as it should).  Can only think that we have more space allocated in Production so the amount of suspend data was not an issue there.

We may have reached the point where we have such a massive amount of data in the LMS - test doman that space will now start being an issue each time we test.  I'll follow up with our provider to see what can be done.

Thank you for helping me think this through and find an answer.  Much appreciated!

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