Flash doesn't work---must complete the video before moving forward

I am working on a project, requiring to insert a video which learners have to complete before they continue.

In the previous projects, I used "when user clicks next" it worked well.

For our need, this time I changed to "automatically when movie finishes"  and "synchronize slide and movie ".

But it's so confusing that the flash doesn't work in this way....It did appear but the click button in the flash didn't work and I couldn't move forward.

Has anyone had the same problem? Thanks.

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Vivian cai

Is there any reason why I couldn't get when setting is as"automatically when movie finishes"  and "synchronize slide and movie "?

My purpose is to make learners must complete the video then move forward.

Even though the flash works using "when user clicks next" This is not what I want.


Peter Anderson said:

Cool, glad you got it working the way you want! Have a great weekend