Flash Player is not compatible with China user during Preview

Hi team,

This issue is only happened for the China user. When we're reviewing the course in Articulate by the Preview, it will display the following error:

We checked the Flash Player support. It recommended us to reinstall the flash player but it may have a security issue to the company IT department. Therefore, we want to ask Articulate team is there any other method to fix?

Also, considering the Flash retirement, will the Articulate still use the Flash Player for the Preview mode in the future? If yes, what is the impact to us? 

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Ahin,

Happy to help dive in! 

Was this error message appearing in a web browser, or was the prompt appearing in Presenter? The reason I ask is that I came across a thread from Adobe, where they address that there is only a general version of the Flash Player available within China. This version of Flash can be accessed here

If this was happening in Presenter, which version of Presenter is being used (Presenter 13, Presenter 360)? 

Depending on the application, I wanted to share our guide on How the End of Flash Affects Articulate Apps and Courses.

Please let us know if you have any questions! 

Ahin Wong

Hi Vincent,

Yes, the error message appearing in the Presenter, not the web browser. We are using Presenter 360 and I think your solution is workable for individual user. However, our laptop is company laptop with some security restriction.

Articulate Support team is helping us to fix this issue and asking our local IT team to work with the Articulate Support team. Thanks.