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May 16, 2011

Issue with flash being published from engage and quiz maker pops out of the articulate player every once and a while. This happens the first time you view them if the files are not completely loaded and you click something else in the menu and go back to the slide you clicked first, then the slide pops out of the player. Has anyone ever seen this? I can make it happen every time if I clear my cashe. Once they are loaded and I go back to them they are fine. It only happens when you first view them and start clicking the menu before the slide is completely loaded.

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Brian Batt

Hi Chad,

You may find that a quiz shifts to the upper left corner of the player window if all the following criteria are true:

    * The quiz is inserted into a Presenter ‘09 presentation.

    * The quiz properties in Presenter ‘09 are configured to allow users to take the quiz more than once.

    * The last question of the quiz has feedback enabled.

    * The result slides are disabled for the quiz.

    * The user presses the Enter key to accept the Retry Quiz button (rather than using their mouse to click the Retry Quiz button).

Please review the following article for more information and solutions:


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