Force Presenter 13 to update quiz

Aug 12, 2014

It seems that quiz file once inserted in presenter it gets embedded and there's no way to make it update when quiz file changes.
These are the steps I follow:
  1. In a folder I have PPTX, PPTA and QUIZ files
  2. Quiz file is inserted in Presenter.
  3. Quiz file is updated
  4. Open Presenter and publish
  5. Quiz file is older version

Does anyone know how to force Presenter 13 to update quiz that has been updated?


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Tim Danner

Be sure to update the inserted quiz by opening it through the Edit in Quizmaker control on the slide. From my experiences with 09 (I haven't encountered this with 13), if you directly open the quiz file and make changes, they don't always apply if the quiz was already inserted. In these instances, just delete the inserted quiz and re-insert it into your PowerPoint file.

Bob Wiker

I have had several "inherited" projects from another teammate that included quizzes in the Presenter file but there was no separate Quizmaker quiz file available. I was able to edit/update the quiz from within Presenter by clicking the Edit in Quizmaker button on the placeholder slide in PowerPoint. It leaves me with the distinct impression that a copy of the quiz is embedded in the Presenter file (ppta); how else could Presenter open the quiz in Quizmaker and let me do edits when there's no Quiz file?

I've also had instances where the project folder DID include a standalone Quizmaker file, yet after editing the embedded quiz through Presenter's Edit in Quizmaker button the file modification date of the standalone Quizmaker file remained unchanged!

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