Studio 13 Published for LMS wrongly tracks score of 0 when user clicks 'Exit'

I am working in Articulate Presenter 13' with the latest update (update 9). When I publish a course for LMS and am tracking based on number of slides viewed, the LMS wrongly tracks a score of 0% if a user clicks the exit button before finishing the lesson.

I have updated articulate presenter to the latest version which includes in their notes a bug fix for this exact issue, however the issue still occurs. I have also fully uninstalled Studio 13' and re-downloaded it and installed to try and resolve the issue.

Is anyone else having this issue? Also, has anyone had the issue and then had it resolved by updating?

*For Staff - I have already submitted a case and uploaded a project file. The case number is 01388817 


Computer Specs:

Dell Inspiron 15, 5000 series (Windows 10)

Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit

Articulate Studio 13' (Update 9)

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