Free website I can test my video on?

Nov 23, 2011

Hey everyone.  I've made a couple posts this month about some issues I'm having lately with my videos playing correctly.  We just changed network providers here at work, and that's when I started having issues with the video playing.  At first I thought it was just that, but then we got reports from customers all across the country, though other customers are playing the videos just fine.

After troubleshooting some things and talking with people on this board, I'm thinking that our website company's firewall might clash with some internet providers' firewalls.  I would mention this to our website company, but they said that 'they've exhausted all their options and will have to charge us to look into it further'.  I know, kind of ridiculous, but I thought that if I could upload our videos to a free website just to test them and see if they play just fine on a different website, then I could go to our website company and tell them this.  I would have proof that it's something on their end, likely a firewall issue, and tell them they can't charge us to look into something that's wrong on their end.  However, I don't know any free websites or website trials that would allow me to do this.

Do any of you know of a website I could try for free to test this on?  Help would be very, very much appreciated!!!

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