Function of Prompt to Resume on Presentation Restart

Apr 08, 2011

When we "uncheck" Prompt to Resume on Presentation Restart instead of the user restarting where they left off, without being asked, the user needs to restart the presentation.

Our concern is this:

1. We are restricting navigation

2. When asking a user if they would like to resume, Yes or No, a user might think "I want to review some of what I have already viewed" If they answer "No" they will go back to the start and need to review the entire presentation.

3. Thus we are working on adjusting the "Resume Message" and "Resume Title" to encourage the user to always say yes.

4. Ideally we would have a prompt message, but be able to remove the "No" button so a user only has one choice to click on "Yes"

Interested in the communities thoughts on:

1. Can we only have a single button in the resume dialogue box?

2. What is effective copy to maximize likliehood user will click Yes? Current text, "WARNING: Please click YES to continue the course where you left off or to review previously viewed slides"


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Justin Wilcox

It's not possible to remove the No button from the prompt to resume.

I wouldn't customize the resume message for one specific thing as a user may not be resuming simply to review slides. They might be resuming to continue the course that they haven't finished yet. I also probably would tone down the language so you aren't intimidating them into making a choice. You could say something like:

If you want to pick up the course from where you left off or review any sections, say Yes. If you really want to scratch all of your progress and start the whole thing over, say No.

Something like that.

Greg Friese

Thanks for the quick reply.I did consider changing the NO button text to "You Should Really Click the Yes button"

Our audience is likely to respond with great volume and frustration if they have to repeat content they did not intend to repeat. Thus I want to steer them towards "YES" and then let them click backwards if they want to go back.

Do you think users have a good sense for what it means to "scratch all of your progress"

Justin Wilcox

I think it depends on the audience you are speaking to. Just make sure that however you word it, it will make sense to them. I probably wouldn't use my phrasing exactly if it's not a younger audience. If it's an older crowd I would probably try to be more formal, but just make sure to not use intimidating language. If you keep things in a friendly, instructional tone then that should make the end-user comfortable to make the right decision.

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