Getting around new Presenter 360 Limitatons by Installed BOTH versions

Nov 29, 2016

The good news is that presenter 360 works very well with mobile devices.  Projects that haven't work for years work instantly on any device in Presenter 360. Yay.

On the other hand I have thousands of hours work into thousands of SWF file content in nearly a hundred presenter courses.  They work fine in Presenter 13 but not in 360.

Some of my legacy content in Presenter 13 blows up periodically upon publishing to LMS but works flawlessly in Presenter 360.

My biggest project that I've devoted much of my life to in 2015 doesn't even work in Presenter 360 because it depends on Custom Shows to made behind-the-scenes navigation work and Articulates new Presenter 360 product doesn't support that.

So I really need to have both versions installed on my computer.  Articulate 13 so that I can work on my legacy content that is not repairable in Presenter 360.  And Articulate 360 to make my new programs, and a few of my old ones, work better without crashing (360 seems to handle whatever was causing the crashes in '13, better).

So how can I do this with one computer?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

I see that you have a couple different forum discussions going and a Support case as well with our team, so in terms of the odd behavior and crashes you've experienced I'd recommend we continue the conversation within those avenues to ensure that we've got the most complete information and aren't duplicating efforts (our team or yours!). 

As for the central question here, Studio '13 and Studio '360 cannot be on the same system as they are both plugins for Powerpoint. Personally I run a set up where I have an additional Windows Virtual Machine to run Studio '13 (Windows 8) and then I run all of Articulate 360 in Windows 10. I'm not sure if others in the community have some creative solutions for how they've dealt with a similar set up as you describe, so I'll defer to them here and hope that they're able to weigh in. 

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