SWF files don't play in preview of Presenter 360

I just upgraded another of my 75 courses to Studio 360 and immediately noticed when I went to check my contant that the SWF file no longer plays... all I get is a placeholder that says "swf" in a title bar (see attached image).  Before you tell me this isn't a bug but an enhancement with the "new" Articulate 360 let me outline some of the problems with this behavior.

(1) When you have flash content embedded in the screen there's no easy way to tell what file you're working with, there's no easy way (that I can identify) for me to tell what file I"m looking at, unless I preview it.  I have tens of thousands of pages of content so I kinda need this, and articulate presenter 13 just let me hit the preview button and I could play a few seconds of the file, now I can't do that.

(2) I'm going to guess that you're probably going to say "oh, just upload it to the LMS and look there.  Each time I hit "publish" it takes anywhere from five to fifteen mintues to actually publish the file, then I have to install it up on the LMS.  So to do that just isn't practicable.

(3) YOu might say "jim, just put the filename of the swf in the notes of the powerpoint..." many of these presentations I created years ago... before I thought of that... so the only way I can tell what's attached is to preview it.

I'm hoping I have this all wrong and that this is just a bug that you can fix.  Please look at the attached image and let me know if that's normal.



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Phil Mayor

Preview in Presenter and Storyline now show the HTML5 version. In storyline I would say open the backup in storyline 1 to see what the video is.  This obviously won't work in Presenter as you can only have one version installed at a time.

Hopefully there can be a way to at least view the video, I haven't used presenter in a while but there used to be a way to pull up the video in an editor.

Jim Powell

Thanks Phil, hopefully I'll hear back from Articulate on this.  There's no way for me to KNOW what the filename is because in presenter I can't right-click on the object to find out what it is... the only way is to preview the flash video -- but even then it won't tell me the filename, just view the content.

When you say preview will show the HTML 5 version... there is no HTML 5 version... is there a way to conver SWF to HTML5?  I've been looking at various converters all night long and not found anything useful. Sothink a little and this other one called "swivel" that is too slow to be useful. and it's inconsistent.  I'm really trapped between a rock and a hard place here.  I can't rely on Articulate 13 as it bombs out so many times, I had to install 360.  But 360 is so hobbled in certain respects that I have years worth of content (all in embedded SWB files) that now are not going to work in 360.  And no easy way (short of a camtasia import and export one by one by one times 1000...) to make this work.  What a disappointment this is.  I've been waiting for 3 years to get iOS device compatibility to finally work out of the box --which it does well in 360, but so much of a downside, I had to be force to choose a limited feature set

Thanks for your feedback.

Crystal Horn

Hey Jim.  I wanted to link our Presenter 360 User Guide here for you, too, about Previewing a Course.  Like Phil mentioned, Presenter 360 now previews in HTML5 format, and certain items will not preview:

  • Flash movies (SWF files)
  • Videos from websites, such as YouTube and Vimeo
  • Web objects
  • Print results for embedded quizzes
  • Hyperlinks may not work as expected. Publish your course to test hyperlinks.

I hear your frustration, though, about not being able to easily identify your video file format on the slide stage, so I'll do a little digging for you on that.  I see you brought this up some time ago, so I apologize that we did not previously address this issue with you.  I'll reach out to our Studio team and see if I can get a definitive answer on identifying those files for you!

Crystal Horn

Just to follow up, Jim, the image that you shared is the expected placeholder for your .SWF files.  At this time, publishing the whole content is the only way to preview those files in your Presenter projects.  I'll be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf to have a better way to identify each of your video files using the feedback you've provided here.  If you decide that Articulate 360 is right for you, you'll get new features and fixes regularly and automatically as we roll out updates.  Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts!