Glossary missing in questionaire and interactions slides


I have created a training  with Presenter 13.  I have  normal slides, interactions and quizzes.

I  included a glossary using  the Player function.

I can see the Glossary in the normal slides on the top of the screen as desired, but in  interactions and  quizzes that   section is  disappearing .

How can I solve it?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Emma :)

Make sure that you have the Glossary enabled for your quizzes and interaction slides. 

You can so do by clicking on the "Articulate" ribbon in Presenter, then the "Slide Properties" button in the ribbon.

From here, select your quiz or interaction slide(s) and check the custom options for that slide. 

It should look something like this(Note: You can click on the image above to view a larger version.)

If you have that option enabled, but your Glossary tab is still missing, please let me know.