Greek/math symbols misplaced in published output with Studio 360

I am working on a training that includes a number of Greek characters used for math symbols.  Some of them, when published, either don't appear in the published output or are wildly placed in different locations.  I've tried different fonts (Arial vs. Cambria Math), I've tried moving text boxes, I've tried removing animation.  Nothing fixes the placement of the text.  This happens on multiple slides.  One example is attached.  Any suggestions on how to fix?

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Steven Strell

I uploaded and have not heard anything.  Do you at least have any suggestions of something I could try while I'm waiting to hear back from support?

I used to have all sorts of generated item placement issues in Presenter (back in the pre-360 days), but they were usually shapes and could usually be worked around by simply creating a new slide and copying and pasting everything.  That's not working here.