How can I recover my source PowerPoint files from Published course

Hi Everyone,

I've had a bit of a major malfunction with my computer and lost the original PPT files that I built a couple of presentations on. The computer malfunctioned so badly our IT guys couldn't get anything off it.

Does anyone know if there is anyway to recover the PPT presentation from the published articulate files? I've got everything published to our LMS so the courses are all functional, I just can't change/update them....

I'd rather not recreate the wheel if I don't have to...

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Sunny Bozell

Hi guys,

This might be another option. What if you recreated one or two slides with the slide master backgrounds and then recreate only the files as you need them.

You could recreate a slide, publish and take the .swf file and replace the existing file on the server. This might make more sense if you're not having to update a bunch of files.

I feel for you brother, that's tough.

BTW, I use DropBox for my development. It backs up several versions and it's saved me so many times.

carmen cook

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