How do I get the scaling option in Presenter to scale smoothly?

Was curious why the scaling option in Presenter doesn't make for a smooth playback.  Specifically, I was hoping to do some Ken Burns Effect stuff for some still images and I've noticed that the scaling effect causes the image to do some subtle bouncing and looks jumpy in the playback.  

Any explanation?  Also, any advice for how to fix it or work around it?

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josh kollaja

thanks, phil

hmm...was checking those options and the Smooth Start slider and Smooth End slider were each already set to 0.  It's strange because when I officially "Preview" the slide with the Grow/Shrink animation going, it's looks jumpy and not very good.  But, if I remove the Grow/Shrink animation from my still photo and start from scratch by finding in my animation options and then hover my mouse over it, the Grow/Shrink animation looks smooth as Articulate quickly previews for me what the Grow/Shrink animation option does and will look like.  Is the Grow/Shrink animation just inherently weak in Articulate?  I've been doing all my Ken Burns Effect stuff in Apple Motion and then making little MP4 movies that I convert via the Articulate Video Encoder to get them to appear more professional in Presenter playback .  Was just hoping there was a chance that I wouldn't have to do that at all consider how convoluted that process is.