How to edit a .wmv file

Jan 10, 2014

In Studio 09 I used the Video Encoder to edit my .wmv video and then load it into my Power Point presentation.  I now how Presenter 13 and don't see a way to edit my .wmv file and load it into my presentation.  My Edit button is also grayed out.  How do I edit my .wmv video i recorded? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Billy and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

With Studio '13, we retired the Video Encoder and introduced Replay. If you purchased the Studio '13 suite, your confirmation email should also provide information on downloading, installing and activating your free copy of Replay. 

You can import a WMV file into Replay using the steps outlined in the following tutorial:

Adding Video Files - E-Learning Heroes

Replay encodes your project as an MP4 video, so it's perfect for embedding in an e-learning course or uploading to the web as a standalone project. When you're finished with the video, you can import the published file into Presenter '13. 

If you did not purchase the full '13 suite, you should still have access to Video Encoder '09. As long as you publish a video in a format that Presenter '13 supports, you should be able to insert it into your project. 

Billy Edwards

I loaded my recorded .wmv file into Articulate Replay.  I need to publish half of the recording and insert segment #1 into one of my power point slides.  I need to insert the other half of the recording into a different power point slide.  With Encoder 09, I could click on the Trim buttom which allowed me publish my video in different segments.  There are instances where I need to break up and publish my recorded video into many section.s  When I stop the video in Replay and publish it, it published the entire video.  Is there a way to publish separate sections in my video.  Maybe this is no loger an option.  Please advise.  And thanks for your responses!       

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