How to insert music (mp3 or wav file) into powerpoint?

I want to insert a song and let it play automatically while learner go through this slide. But it's not possible with Studio 13 and PowerPoint 2013. It'll work only in Presentation but when I publish the song is no longer playing. 

Is there any way that I can insert music (not narration or background play list) that would actually work with Presenter 13? 

I've tried it many time, but it doesn't work. 

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Tercer Termino

Hi Virak!

It´s not clear to me where you want music to be played.

If you want to insert background music to powerpint, you should try this

If you want background music to play in your Presenter publication output, Playlist feature should work fine.

Virak Yang

I don't want to insert it as a playlist. Because I'm talking about this song. So, I want to do what Federico provide with Ms. Powerpoint tutorial. But I've followed these sort of instruction many times before I asked here. But no luck, it doesn't work when I publish it.

If you want to see my slidedesk I can show you. I've done all the steps. But it doesn't work at all.

Thank guys,

Dave Neuweiler

Okay... here's another idea to get your song onto a slide as a separate audio track.

Create an mp4 video file, using your song as the audio within it. The visual portion of the video doesn't have to be "video" in the ordinary sense; you could use a still image (if you have on that's appropriate for your needs), or a solid color that matches the slide background (which should make the video invisible on the screen). Keep in mind that the video is always on the top layer, so you won't be able to hide it behind other objects, and because of this you'll have to ensure there's an area on the screen where it won't obscure other content.

Then, insert the video using "Flash Movie" in the Articulate ribbon. You'll have a couple of settings to make; I think slide advance would be set to "when user clicks next," and I think you'd set the synchronization so that the video plays independently of the slide.

This would allow you to add both audio tracks to a single slide without mixing the files or using the Playlist function.