how to insert smart art in Powerpoint 2013

Jul 26, 2016

I recently started using Powerpoint and later plan to use presenter/storyline for converting the course online. 

I am new to PPT 13 and there is no option for smartart graphics. It directly feeds the pictures from Bing picture search. Smart art graphics are free to use for commercial use and I plan to use that. While using Bing search, It doesn't show the option. 

The other question I have is how to ungroup these images as they don't have any option to ungroup them? Is there a way to revert to clipart directly from PPT? 

Do you have any recommendation? 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Vallabhi -- We appreciate your question! My apologies if I am not clear on what you need, but may I ask if you have tried using the SmartArt options via the INSERT tab as seen below?

And if you need to UNGROUP, you should be able to click on the light grey box surrounding the SmartArt graphic, and then if you Right click, click on Group from the list and you should then be able to choose Ungroup.

Does that help for what you have in mind?

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