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Sep 03, 2011

I'm embarrassed to ask this question... but I'll ask it anyway - because everyone here is so nice ... I know you'll only laugh at me quietly.

I'm a Professor and I've used Articulate for at least a year and a half, but I always post my presentations on our University's CMS (BlackBoard).  But I would like to make one of the presentations available for someone to view outside of BlackBoard ... and... ummmm... I'm not sure how to do it.   {insert ROTFL here}.

In BlackBoard, I just put the presentation in a zip file; direct the system to unpackage the file when clicked, and then select the "player.htm" file to initiate.  

Without BlackBoard, how can I post the presentation so others can view it.  I probably should be able to figure it out, but apparently my frontal cortex had not yet returned from Summer vacation... so I must rely on your wisdom and kindness.  Thanks. 

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David Anderson

Hi Randy - you know, it's not such a strange request. You have a process, you follow it and now you need to do something different. For other users, they know how to post to their web or blog sites, but a CMS is the exception.

The most common way to post courses outside of LMS is to use Presenter's (or Quizmaker and Engage) Publish to Web feature. This creates a folder with three files. Those three files need to be kept together in the same folder. You can name the folder anything you like, but the three files need to be together.

Here's how you publish to the web in Presenter.

You'll need an FTP program to upload. Filezilla is a free app a lot of us use.

I can help you post your published file, but first, can you tell us where you want to post it? Will it be your web site? A blog site like WordPress or Blogger?

Randy Borum

Hi David - As always - you are super prompt and super helpful.  I've used FTP before for other projects so I should be able to figure that out.  I totally get the issue of keeping the files together in a single folder.  And you gave me the link to Jeanette's awesome screenr.   I hadn't exactly thought about where I wanted to post it - maybe that was part of by mental block.  I suppose I could post it to a Blogger site.  But if I didn't necessarily want it to be publicly viewable on my blog, could I publish it to a cloud space like DropBox? 

David Anderson

Thanks for the cool feedback Randy

You can publish to cloud services like DropBox, S3 and so on. We use both frequently here. While we rely on DropBox for file sharing, we're moving most published demos to Amazon S3. DropBox works well for hosting when you don't have many viewers, but it does slow playback down a bit. S3 is cheap, fast and reliable--who said you couldn't have it all??

Brian created a WordPress plugin that makes embedding into WordPress really easy. I don't know about Blogger, but if you go that route, you'll likely need to embed the player.html file into an tag. It's not hard, but like anything that involves code and tags, it's very literal so sometimes it takes a couple tries to get it working. I'm happy to help if you have any questions.

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