Hyperlink from presenter to open in the same window as the player.

Apr 18, 2012

My learning development team is transitioning to a more "inline" model of delivery of our interactive media and we have come accross an issue i am having a few problems in resolving.

Specifically, what I need to accomplish is to add a hyperlink at the end of a presenter presentation that proceeds to the next html page in sequence. Now, i've been able to open the link in a new window, and in the media pane of the presenter slide show, but I need it to open up in the same window the player is in.

Is this even possible? If so, how?

Any assistance is appreciated.


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Matthew Anderson

Im still really new to Articulate. (I'm used to building custom learning elements and courses fully in flash as both instructional designer and media developer.) So, its completely possible that i'm missing something simple here (i'm really hoping this is it).  

The web object is how I was able to display the page inside the presenter wrapper.

I need to be able to navigate to a new html page from presenter. I need this page to open up in the same page/frame that the player is currently in. I cannot have it open up in a new window, and I cannot have it open inside of the presenter player.

Ill try to clarify:

The default navigation inside presenter is to open in a new window without the ability to change the target location.  This wont work for our purposes. 

I used a custom flash file with a hyperlink imported as a web object:


getURL(myNewPage.html, "_self")

This imports fine, but it opens up inside the player. This also will not work for our needs.

I need my html link to open up where the player.html currently is, not in a new window, and not inside the player.

Now theoretically, I might be able to do this with a bit of fancy javascript or possibly by hacking through the player itself using a custom as2 swf. I honestly havn't had a lot of time to look into this issue. This issue came to my attention just recently (one of our designers has been working on trying to get this to work for 2 days) and is kind of a rush fix. Any kind of hack would be acceptable at this point.

The long term issues involved with this are a much larger issue but will have a significant impact on new and existing courses if i can't find an easy fix for this.

Any solutions or suggestions on where to get started are appreciated.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kiko!

Yes, then, you can definitely do this :)

What you'd want to do is set up a trigger to jump to a URL, but modify the browser options so that the new page will display in the same window. 

Here's how you could set it up:

Here's a very quick example:

Exit and Jump to URL Example for Kiko

Now, if you need to send any data from the course before the user is taken to that URL, be sure to position the trigger above the "Jump to" trigger.

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Thanks :)

kiko halfon

Hi christine,

the problem with the jump to url/file is that is not acttuly going to the file its just copieng it to the external files folder in the output project folder.

the "web object"  is going to the file but without the option "dsplay in current browser window" - just display in slide or new window.

please get this thing work for me!

thank you!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kiko,

I wasn't aware you were trying to launch a file - you mentioned a URL, so I was under the impression you wanted to open up a website/webpage.

I'm sorry, but I don't think this will work the same way with a file download link. If you want them to go to a page and then download the file, then you would need to link to a page that has a download link in the page itself. If you prompt a file download, that won't move away from the course.


kiko halfon

Hi christine,

sorry for the late response,

the file i want to open is index.html, the project is offline,

yes i want to open a website but all websites have index.html file   the problem like i mentioned above is:

"jump to url/file is that is not acttuly going to the file its just copieng it to the external files folder in the output project folder.

 the "web object" is going to the file but without the option "dsplay in current browser window" - just display in slide or new window."

i didnt mention download link.

thank you,


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