Hyperlink - How do you open a web page in a new window?

Feb 06, 2013

I need to insert a hyperlink in an Articulate slide that opens a Web page in a new browser window. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

How do you configure a hyperlink/insert a hyperlink so that when the learner clicks the link the published Articulate Presenter '09 remains open in one browser window while a new Web page opens in another window? This step occurs in the middle of the course so the learner needs to be able to proceed to the next topic in the Outline after viewing the Web page.

Have you seen any steps in the Forums on how to do this from Articulate Presenter '09?

Thank you!


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Peter Anderson

Hi Helen, welcome!

It's been awhile since I worked with hyperlinks in Presenter, but I believe the behavior of them is determined by the browser that the person viewing the course is using. So for example, if I'm viewing your course with my Chrome browser, and my settings within Chrome are set to display hyperlinks in a new window, then the hyperlink in your course will open in a new window. You may want to check your browser's current settings to confirm. 

Alternatively, you could do something like set a hyperlink that jumps to the next slide, and then insert a web object on that slide that is set to open in a new browser window. That would ensure that the user always gets a new window...

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